The Randolph HS Varsity Rams have wrapped up their regular season earning the #4 seed in Group 3 North (4 of 22 teams).  On a statewide basis the Rams are currently ranked 25th out of 217 teams in the state. Pretty darn good!

The boys lacrosse state tournament starts tomorrow (Wednesday 5/18) and the Rams have a HOME GAME at 4:00 pm at DASILVA FIELD (against Middleown South).  Please come on out tomorrow at 4:00 pm and support the Rams as they make a run for the state title!  As has been clearly demonstrated in the past, the Rams play better when they have fans in the stands.  Some come on out, cheer loudly, and let’s get the win and a ticket on to the quarter-finals!

See you tomorrow at 4:00 pm at Dasilva Field!