Required Equipment

Lacrosse Stick

A lacrosse stick has two basic parts – the shaft and the head.  Sticks can be purchased complete, or you can purchase the shaft and head separately.  The head is the more important of the two parts.  A good beginner’s head should provide a fairly open, wide catching area.  Beginners should avoid heads which are “pinched” or “tapered” as these make catching more difficult.  Good beginner’s heads should also be fairly firm/stiff to allow for better ground ball pick-ups.  Avoid ultra light heads designed for more advanced players.  Please note that boys and girls lacrosse sticks are different!  A boy’s lacrosse stick allows for a pocket in which the ball can sit, girls sticks do not.

Lacrosse heads can be strung in several different ways.  We recommend you get what’s called hard mesh or durable mesh.  It’s the most consistent and easy to maintain.  Beginners should avoid “traditional” stringing which uses leather as it is difficult to maintain.

Last is the shaft.  For beginners, a basic aluminum shaft is just fine.  While you can certainly find options using more advanced composite materials, they cost much more and provide little, if any, benefit to the beginning or intermediate player.  Note that boys lacrosse shafts come in two sizes – short (approx. 31”) and long (approx. 60”).  Beginning players should start with a short shaft.  Long sticks are for defensive players.  Your coach will let you know if and when this is appropriate for you.


The most important thing about gloves is fit and comfort, so be sure to try them on.  Gloves sizes are: Youth at  8” and 10”,  Junior at 12”, and Adult at 13” and up.  You may want to chase down some used gloves from a friend or relative who has outgrown his.  Avoid hockey gloves as they don’t provide the proper function for lacrosse.


Arm Pads

Arm pads cover the elbow and much of the mid portion of the arm.  Any pad that fits and feels good will do.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads cover the chest, shoulders, and upper portion of the arm.  Once again fit and comfort are key. Shoulder pads do come in a variety of sizes.  Look for shoulder pads that extend over the shoulder to protect the upper part of the arm and are NOCSAE or SEI certified.


The Randolph Boys Lacrosse program will provide you with a helmet to use for the Spring season up through 6th grade.  7th & 8th grade players must have their own helmet.  If you participate in off-season lacrosse activities (summer, fall, winter), then you must have your own helmet as we can only lend out town helmets for the spring rec season. If you like the helmets the program uses and want to buy the same model, look for either the CPV-R by Cascade (approx. $150).   When purchasing a lacrosse helmet, be sure it is NOCSAE certified (look for the symbol on the helmet).  In addition, the helmet must be in Randolph colors, which are: NAVY BLUE SHELL, WHITE VISOR and WHITE CHIN GUARD (so that you match the rest of your Randolph teammates)!

If you want to trade up, there are several models which are a bit lighter and provide slightly better peripheral vision.

Rib Pads

Rib pads are a matter of choice as our league, and our program, does not require them.  Rib pads provide an additional element of protection and are more commonly used by offensive players than defensive players.

Game Jerseys & Shorts

The program will provide each player with a game jersey to use for the season.  Team shorts are a requirement and must be purchased from the program.

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are a required piece of equipment.  Any color is fine (other than clear).  It is recommended that the mouth guard be attachable to the helmet.


Football, lacrosse or soccer cleats work best.  No metal spikes are allowed.  When on the turf, sneakers or turf shoes are acceptable.


Whatever works. A cup is required.


Contact Coach Grover @ 201-924-6071