Playing Time Policy



Last Updated:  March, 2024


1st & 2nd Grade - Equal playing time.

3rd Grade - Equal playing time except last 5 minutes of the game which is coach’s discretion.

4th & 5th Grade - Equal playing time for the first 3 quarters of game (excluding man-up/man-down situations where designated players will be used). Final quarter of game is coach’s discretion.

6th - 8th Grade - Every player plays a minimum of the equivalent of ¼ of the game.

*** Head coaches have the latitude to withhold playing time from a player who is deficient in either their attendance or behavior, as long as that requirement is clearly stated, is reasonable, and is applied consistently to all players.


*** Teams with large rosters may implement some type of rotational “dress list” system, or if the numbers support it, split into two squads (practice together; but separate game schedules).  The policies above apply to games in which a player is on the “dress list” for a particular game(or the combined playing time if they are playing in 2 back-to-back games).  Players not on the “dress list” for a particular game are still encouraged (but not required) to attend the game and cheer on their teammates.